Show your beautiful smile! Smiles are contagious! It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Are you happy with your smile? With the great advances that have been made in cosmetic dentistry, everyone can have a beautiful smile.

Dr. McGrath specializes in family and cosmetic dentistry. Please see the gallery of before and after photos of actual patients that have been treated in the office. As you can see from the photos and from our reviews, we have many patients who are excited about the results of their cosmetic treatments and dental experiences. Many patients wish that they had done it sooner!

Dr. McGrath’s expertise includes porcelain veneers, all ceramic crowns, dental implant crowns, dental bonding and teeth whitening.  She is extremely particular about choosing the dental labs that she works with. Patients are often sent to the lab to have a custom shade taken so that their crowns or veneers will match their teeth exactly. She will also make sure that the fit of the dental crowns or veneers is perfect.

Many dentists do not guarantee their work. If a crown or veneer needs to be replaced within 5 years, Dr. McGrath will replace it at no charge to the patient.

If you would like to have a whiter, more beautiful smile please contact us for an evaluation.